We’re offering an internship

We’re offering an internship

We are looking for an intern with computer science skills to join the Alignd team! We are a strongly collaborative team, working in the best interests of patients.

Alignd is a managed-care organisation that brings together a unique combination of clinical, financial, and analytical skills with the aim of building a compassionate, patient-centred, and sustainable health system. We offer comprehensive financing solutions for the optimal care of patients. Our approach aligns the incentives of all stakeholders (patients, providers, and medical schemes) to deliver patient-centred, value-based healthcare. 

Our core values are collaboration, humanity, impact, and clear-sightedness – these form the basis of how we work and engage with our stakeholders. There are internship opportunities available at Alignd for students that are aligned with our core values.

We are located in Cape Town, however, due to the nature of the internship and your current status as a student you may work from home.

Purpose of the internship opportunity
Our value-based product offering is enabled by advances in data analytics and the pragmatic use of technology. Problem solving skills are critical for this internship, as well as self-motivation and the willingness to step outside your comfort zone to learn new skills. We will ensure that your studies remain the top priority and we will provide guidance and mentorship throughout the internship, with the possibility of the internship being converted to a permanent appointment on the conclusion of your studies.

Skills required
* Strong foundation of Object-Orientated and Functional programming principles
* Git and GitHub workflow
* Data handling and analysis
* Model building
* Good communication skills

We appreciate the fact that you are still a student and hence we do not expect you to be an expert in any of these skills, however, we expect applicants to have a basic foundation on which to build. We will provide training to up-skill you in the various dimensions that are required for the internship.

You must be a registered student at an accredited institution of higher learning in South Africa currently pursuing an undergraduate degree in computer science or a cognate discipline, with some mathematical or statistical courses. If your major is in computer science you must, at least, be in your second year of study currently to be eligible for the internship; if your major is in a cognate discipline to computer science then you must at least be in your third year of study currently to be eligible for the internship.

No work experience required to be eligible for the internship.

How to apply
The closing date for the application is the close of business day on Friday, 7 August 2020. Please provide a copy of your CV with a cover letter, latest transcript, and matric certificate for your application. Please send these to info@alignd.co.za, addressed to Amiena Moerat.

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