“I wish we’d accessed Alignd palliative care earlier in my husband’s illness”

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“I wish we’d accessed Alignd palliative care earlier in my husband’s illness”

With a palliative care team by her side, Mrs T didn’t have to do all the caring for her husband – she was able to just be his wife.

Mr and Mrs T had been married for 40 years when Mr T was diagnosed with serious cancer. They were devoted partners, and Mrs T did all of the caring for him at home – it was what she felt a good partner would and should do to meet their vows of being there “in sickness and in health”. But it was stressful and tiring.

Mr and Mrs T’s other family members were also involved in Mr T’s care, and were all determined to do what was right for their loved one and ensure that he was as comfortable as possible throughout his illness.

They were all relieved when Mr T’s doctor referred him to Alignd.

Dr B of the Alignd Palliative Care Team helped Mrs T to understand that it wasn’t necessary for her to do all of the day and night care herself – she could still be a devoted partner while having the help of skilled and experienced Alignd carers.

“Dr B explained that my role is to remain a partner to my husband, providing companionship and comfort, and that the Alignd Care Team would do what was necessary on the medical side,“ said Mrs T.

She felt an enormous sense of relief, and was able to gain “perspective on the situation”, and to feel reassured they were doing the best thing for her husband. The support of the Alignd Care Team was invaluable to her and the family, and they wished they had accessed it earlier in Mr T’s illness.

When Mr T died, he was at home, and with his loved ones. It was just as they wanted.

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