Our manifesto

As we embark on doing more — better, faster, wider, smarter — and with (and for) more people, we will live our manifesto, inviting others to be a part of what we are guardians to.

Gather your pieces. Do the work. Know that the work has its own force and rhythm.
Practice not-knowing. But remember that you do know. Widen your perspective.
See your Self clearly. Find kinship in a common purpose. Seek alignment. Pursue congruence.
Reunite with a code of grace. Be impeccable with your agreements. Choose your words with care.
Stand strong. Be all the way here.
Serve whole heartedly. Give your all without giving yourself away. Take full responsibility and no more.
Honour your inner and outer resources. Allow simple things to please you. Keep some room for the unimaginable.
Bear witness. Share scars, not wounds. Admit how hard it is.
Rally like rainclouds. Examine what you tolerate.
Be kind, even when it is uncomfortable. Learn ease, and then teach it to others.
Redefine what matters. Light the way.
Birth a new generational cycle.
Pioneer stillness. Be brave. Breathe.

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