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A good palliative care practitioner is a patient’s and an oncologist’s best friend

Oncologist, Dr Irene Hitchin, has seen first-hand the power of early referral palliative care, which is why she introduces palliative care to her serious cancer patients at the first consult – along with the curative treatment plan. The effects are powerful. Clinical and radiation oncologist, Dr Irene Hitchin’s advanced cancer patients have a bit of an advantage. Dr Hitchin is a...

CANSA collaborates with Alignd to increase access to palliative care

[Press release] The Cancer Association of South Africa has partnered with Alignd to improve access to palliative care for cancer patients. Cancer and its treatment can cause physical side effects and result in negative emotional, social and financial consequences for patients and their family. Palliative care is an important part of cancer care that should be included along with...

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“I wish I knew about palliative care as my sister was dying”

Zodwa Sithole, Head of Advocacy for CANSA, lost her sister, Elizabeth, to cancer 10 years ago. Because no one had offered Elizabeth palliative care early on, she experienced a lot of pain and uncertainty. This is Zodwa’s story… Before Zodwa Sithole became the Head of Advocacy for the Cancer Association of South Africa (CANSA), she was a...