What We Do.



Alignd offers comprehensive financing solutions for the optimal care of patients. Our approach aligns the incentives of all stakeholders (patients, providers and schemes) to deliver patient-centred, value-based healthcare.



We recognise that new payment mechanisms alone are insufficient to change embedded structures and behaviours. Our method of designing solutions explicitly addresses the need to build trust between funders of healthcare and those on the frontline delivering care.



Value-based contracts need to overcome multiple hurdles, and successful implementation requires a comprehensive approach. Our solutions bring together multiple components (benefit design, provider network, patient support, data analytics and the value-based payment mechanism) into a coherent and mutually-reinforcing framework.


Our Palliative Offering.



Perhaps more than in any other area of healthcare, the status quo in palliative quo is benefiting no one. The incentives generated by a hospital plan to seek care in an acute setting creates a perverse situation in which patients are dying in hospital when they want to die at home, and where dying at home would have been cheaper for their medical scheme. The lack of meaningful palliative benefits or an established way of paying palliative practitioners means practitioners are not being fairly reimbursed and often cannot afford to dedicate themselves to palliative practice full time.

We believe there is a huge opportunity in palliative care to improve patients’ experience at the end of life, substantially reduce costs for schemes, AND fairly reward palliative practitioners for the highly skilled services they provide.