Who We Are.

The Team.

Meet Dr Linda Holding


Linda is a palliative care-trained doctor, with 20 years of clinical risk management experience. She blends together on-the-ground experience of the health system, a sensitivity and compassion for patients, empathy for how healthcare providers experience the system and practical experience of the funder perspective.

Meet Shivani Ranchod


Shivani is a healthcare actuary and academic. She is the co-founder and CEO of Percept, a multi-disciplinary consulting firm. She is an outspoken advocate of change in the South African health system, having worked across both the public and private sectors and the supply- and demand-sides of the system.

Meet Radha Govender

Independent Chair of the Board

With more than 20 years of experience in managed health care, and previously GM of Managed Care at Liberty Health, Radha is passionate about ensuring dignity and peace in the end-of-life phase. She is currently completing her Masters in Palliative Medicine (UCT). She holds a B.Pharm and a Post Graduate Diploma in Palliative Medicine.

Meet Ursula Torr

Non-Executive Board Member

Ursula is all about people. Combine this with actuarial training, deep creativity, and a passion to forge progress for South Africans and you have the key to Ursula’s interest in Alignd. Ursula’s professional background has been in the financial services sector, both risk and investments; and in both, on a technical as well as marketing front.

Njabulo Dube

Meet Njabulo Dube

Data Scientist

Njabulo holds a Bachelor of Business Science degree in Actuarial Science from UCT, and has completed the coursework component of a Master’s degree in Advanced Analytics and Decision Science. He works as a data scientist at Percept Actuaries and Consultants, and brings together his versatile mix of actuarial and data science skills to build backend systems and a powerful data analytics platform for the Alignd solution.

Meet Mufaro Chiwara

Problem Solver

Mufaro has a keen desire to improve the world through business. Alignd’s ability to improve the lives of patients, providers and medical funders is exactly the sort of value creation that sparks him. Before joining Alignd, Mufaro was a consultant at our sister company, Percept. Mufaro has an educational background in actuarial science and in entrepreneurship from UCT.

Meet Amiena Moerat

Office Superhero

Amiena means “kind and trustworthy” which are two important aspects in her life. These attributes shine through with every task that she tackles and every person she works with. Being the office superhero, she takes pleasure in assisting the team to be efficient and to deliver quality work.

Care partner, Nancy Minnie

Meet Nancy Mini

Care Partner

Nancy Mini is a professional nurse with 35 years’ experience in diverse disciplines of nursing, including oncology and HIV/AIDS. She has a postgraduate diploma in Public Health, and recently completed her postgraduate diploma in Palliative Medicine at the University of Cape Town. Nancy believes Alignd has made it possible for more people to access the benefits that palliative care brings, and hopes more people will take advantage of it early on in their serious illness journey.

Care partner, Sarita Sirmongpong

Meet Sarita Sirmongpong

Care Partner

A qualified social worker, Sarita has been impacting people’s lives, and leaving behind a footprint of hope for the last 17 years – it’s a passion as much as a career. That she believes Alignd is a vehicle to helping many more people access palliative care sooner rather than later, is what makes her such an important part of the team.

Care partner, Kelebongile Phawe

Meet Kelebogile Phawe

Care Partner

Kelebogile has worked for various NGO’s with a focus on increasing access to quality healthcare services for marginalised communities. She’s skilled in providing emotional and supportive counselling to patients and families. In her role as a care partner at Alignd she’s thrilled to be part of a solution to providing access to patient-centred and value-based healthcare.

Care partner, Marcia Chauke

Meet Marcia Chauke

Care Partner

As a social worker (with an Honours degree in Clinical Social Work), Marcia is an advocate for the rights of people in need of care, and for access to palliative care specifically. Marcia has extensive experience in providing psycho-social support in the disability sector and palliative care environment, and she really does want to change people’s lives.

Meet Catherine Davis

Content Manager

Cath is an editor, writer and content strategist with more than 15 years’ experience in print and digital publishing and communications. Her writing and editing has covered healthy lifestyle, property, the luxury market and more, but her passion lies in health writing and communications.

Meet Tjina Pig

Cancer Survivor

Tjina Pig is the dog in the photo – Tjina is a cancer survivor.



Alignd brings a unique combination of clinical, financial and analytical skills to bear on the pressing challenges in our health system. Our ambition is a patient-centred and compassionate health system. 



The current system is predicated on a lack of trust, with funders and providers seldom working constructively together. Our aim is to change that.



Our solutions bring together multiple components (benefit design, provider network, patient support, data analytics and a value-based payment mechanism) into a coherent framework.


The Founders.

A Powerful Combination.

Alignd was founded by a multi-disciplinary team bringing together a unique combination of clinical and financial skills, and a wealth of healthcare industry experience. The collaboration of Dr Linda Holding, a palliative-trained doctor with 20 years of clinical risk management experience; Shivani Ranchod, a healthcare actuary and academic; and Victoria Barr, a healthcare economist and senior director at FTI Consulting, was founded on a shared commitment to patient care-centred and cost-effective healthcare. In applying rigorous critical thinking to create effective solutions, we never lost sight of the humanity of patients and healthcare practitioners, which is at the centre of everything we do.

Alignd is a registered Managed Care Organisation (MCO) under the ambit of the Council for Medical Schemes (CMS).

Our Manifesto.

Listen carefully. See clearly. Switch between aerial view and street view. Apply fierce logic. Put aside your preconceptions. Remember that change requires courage. Care deeply about patients and their experience. Do not accept the status quo. Be pragmatic about what you can change. Break bread together. Bring an open heart. Let your humanity shine.  Work consciously. Cultivate your creativity so that we can keep solving complex problems. Ideas are not enough. Expect resistance. Breathe deeply. Seek congruence. Find the middle ground. Share the load. Stand firm. Be decisive and clear. Acknowledge your mistakes. Give yourself a break. Be accountable. Act with integrity. Play open cards. Trust our ability to deliver. Exceed expectations. Be kind.