Who We Are

Patient Experience and Patient Care Team

Meet Dee Delekiso-Koko

Operations Manager

Natasha Nel

Meet Natasha Nel

Enrollment Lead

Saarah Slamang

Meet Saarah Slamang

Claims Partner

Joh-Stine Goldberg

Meet Joh-Stine Golding

Care Partner

Meet Estelle Benjamin

Enrolment Partner

Meet Nicole Booth-Jones

Care Partner

Care partner, Kelebongile Phawe

Meet Kelebogile Khamanga

Care Partner

Palesa Lekhasa

Meet Palesa Lekhesa

Care Partner


Meet Lulibo Toto

Care Partner

Meet Nikita Du Plooy

Care Partner

Meet Mu’amar Abrahams

Enrolment Partner

Meet Kirstin de Villiers

Network Manager

Meet Sindisiwe Ngcobo

Care Partner

Meet Mandy Swart

Care Partner

Meet Ntembie Ntlabati

Enrolment Partner

Provider and Clinical Team

Meet Linda Holding

Clinical Guardian

Nikita Greenhill

Meet Nikita Greenhill

Process Optimiser

Claire van Staden

Meet Claire van Staden

Clinical Specialist

Meet Chulumanco Scwebu

Provider Onboarding Specialist

Meet Rasool Sheik

Clinical Consultant


Meet Lungi Nyathi

Firestarter (and CEO)

Meet Mufaro Chiwara

Problem Solver

Meet Ryan Jordan

Blueprint Wizard

Meet Ursula Torr

Solution Finder

Meet Linda Holding

Clinical Guardian

Meet Shivani Ranchod

Strategic Advisor

Njabulo Dube

Meet Njabulo Dube

Technical Strategy Advisor

Tech, Data and Analytics

Duduzo Phili

Meet Nduduzo Phili

Data & Technology Professional

Njabulo Dube

Meet Njabulo Dube

Technical Strategy Advisor

Meet Martin Coxon

Analytics Lead & Product Development

Meet Maddy Muir


Meet Emma Rowlandson

Data Scientist

Meet Stephen Nyatsine

Data and Solution Architect


Naseema Mohamed

Meet Naseema Mohamed

Office Manager


Sooshan Soobramoney

Meet Soshan Soobramoney

Independent Chair of the Board

Meet Shivani Ranchod

Strategic Advisor

Njabulo Dube

Meet Njabulo Dube

Technical Strategy Advisor

Meet Lungi Nyathi



Meet Sharon Kunaka

Board Member



Alignd brings a unique combination of clinical, financial and analytical skills to bear on the pressing challenges in our health system. Our ambition is a patient-centred and compassionate health system.



The current system is predicated on a lack of trust, with funders and providers seldom working constructively together. Our aim is to change that.



Our solutions bring together multiple components (benefit design, provider network, patient support, data analytics and a value-based payment mechanism) into a coherent framework.


Our Manifesto.

Gather your pieces. Do the work. Know that the work has its own force and rhythm.
Practice not-knowing. But remember that you do know. Widen your perspective.
See your Self clearly. Find kinship in a common purpose. Seek alignment. Pursue congruence.
Reunite with a code of grace. Be impeccable with your agreements. Choose your words with care.
Stand strong. Be all the way here.
Serve whole heartedly. Give your all without giving yourself away. Take full responsibility and no more.
Honour your inner and outer resources. Allow simple things to please you. Keep some room for the unimaginable.
Bear witness. Share scars, not wounds. Admit how hard it is.
Rally like rainclouds. Examine what you tolerate.
Be kind, even when it is uncomfortable. Learn ease, and then teach it to others.
Redefine what matters. Light the way.
Birth a new generational cycle.
Pioneer stillness. Be brave. Breathe.